Signs Your Obsessed With Liev

I got this off the Liev List from Karrine..thanx! :-)

* = things i have actually done

You have seen every Liev film available - even Desert Blue.

You own every Liev film available - even Desert Blue.

The films you recommend to friends are all Liev films.

*The "imdb" has become your bible.

You answer questions with quotes from Liev films.

*You have ever watched a movie and said out loud, "See...Liev Would have been great in that role."

Though baseball is not your thing, you sit through baseball documentaries to hear Liev's voice.

You have bought "books on tape" read by Liev.

*You have cocked your head to the side, laid on you back or stood thisclose to the t.v. to get a better view of Liev.

*You have Liev movie-marathons (3-4 films in a row) at least once a month.

You have ever pirated a Liev film because you couldn't find it for sale anywhere.

You have traded "pirates" of Liev films with other addicts.

You have travelled to NY to see Liev perform on stage.

You have travelled to NY (when Liev's not performing on stage) in the hopes of bumping into Liev.

You have travelled to Utah, or Toronto or any other film festival location hoping to bump into Liev.

You have manged to bring at least one person onto the "Liev- side".

You have ever sent Liev a birthday card.

*You quietly and secretly celebrate Liev's birthday.

You get together with a group of fellow Liev followers and celebrate his birthday.

*You mention Liev at least five times a day.

*You have ever spent time thumbing through magazines in hopes of finding a Liev photo.

*You have ever purchased a magazine because you've found a Liev photo - regardless of size.

You have ever purchased a back issue of a magazine because you know there is a Liev photo/article in it.

Even at 25-35+ years of age, you find room on your desk, or in your cubicle for a picture of Liev.

*You have a number of liev web-sites bookmarked on your computer at home/work.

*You have Liev "wallpaper" on your computer at home/work.

*You own/run a Liev site.

You refer to Liev as your boyfriend (i.e. 'My boyfriend is in a new movie.')

Your friends refer to Liev as your boyfreind (i.e. 'I saw your boyfriend in a movie last night.')

*You have ever cried when one of Liev's characters has died.

You catch yourself laughing like Liev.

You catch yourself dressing like Liev.

You come up with exactly 33 points to how to recognize that you are a Liev-Aholic, and understand what is important about the number 33.