"Sphere" as Ted

"We're not alone. We are definatly not alone."

"We come in peace. Ha! I've always wanted to say that."

"Im loose, im loose. Im uptight."

"Just..please...just...dont touch me right now."

"You two wanna sit together?"

"Would you get your hands off me, please? Do you have any idea who i am?"-Ted
"Im sure he will if you just tell him the name of your book."-Norman
"Its called 'Astrophysics You Can Use'. It was a book of the month best seller."-Ted
"Never heard of it."-guard
"Your still talking about that book, in all these years you havent changed."-Norman
"It was written for the laymen.."-Ted
"They dont read."-Norman

"Scream 2" as Cotton Weary

"Geez, Gale, you have more lives than a cat!"

"Whoa...that...was intense."

"Who calls me out of the blue...but Diane Soywer. Believe me Sid I was as shocked as you are. Anyways she said that if you and I go on the air together she'll give us the entire hour. We're talking prime time Sid. You, me, and Diane Soywer."

"Loveable and fucked up Sidney Prescott, everyone's favorite little victem"

"Run it by me one more time will ya. Why did you attack Sidney Prescott?"-Cheif Hartley
"I didn't. There was no attack. We were talking very heatedly. Ms. Prescott and I have a very complicated past. I didn't think that was a crime."-Cotton
"Its not, but homicide is."-Officer Andrews
"Okay, then book me. Book me, okay look I don't know about homicide but you definately got me for raising my voice in a public library."-Cotton
"We're dealing with four murders here. You watch your mouth. You better hope your aliby is air tight."-Cheif Hartley
"Could I please remind everyone here that I'm an innocent man. Don't you watch tv? Current Edition? There was a very insitefull program on which it was made abundently clear that I'm an innocent man. So until you find me standing over a dead body with a knife in my hand I think you better treat me with the rights and privliges acording to every citizen in this country. Now is there some problem with the word innocent? I know thats a big one. Cheif?"-Cotton

"I mean she makes a good point. I got to think about this. Maybe you should too. I bet you that Diane Soywer interview is looking real good right about now. Huh?"

"Hey Sidney, uh look I want wanted you to know that I would never ever do anything to hurt you."-Cotton
"Cotton give me the gun."-Sidney
"Yeah...okay...sure...take it."-Cotton

"Gale, Jesus Gale you scared the crap out of me. There's nobody else down there is there?"

"No one wants to give you the story more than i do. Unfortunetly, there is a time, a place..and a price for everything."

"Uh, I'll tell you one thing...it'll make a hell of a movie."

"Ransom" as Clark

"Come here, listen to me....with the candy bars and shit, its just that you might be making beds in a burning house. Understand what I'm saying?"

"You don't got to talk to my brother. Alright? You got nothing to say to him. Who do you think you are? Do you think your running shit here?"

"Listen Cub you want me to do this?"-Clark
"Jimmy said me."-Cub
"Fuck what Jimmy said."-Clark

"What's the matter Jimmy? You don't want a mother to know her sons dead cause you fucked up?"

"Hey hey, calm down...take it easy."-Jimmy
"You want me to calm down huh? You want me to fucking calm down? Do you realize their looking for me right now Jimmy? I'm fingered...I can't go back to my life. What do you want me to do? You tell me."-Clark

"Denise Calls Up" as Jerry

"What kind of underwear do you have on? Oh God...I..I'm sorry."

"Did I wake you?"-Jerry
"Well I'm not sorry."-Jerry

"I don't believe this, she gave me Barbra's number, now I'm obligated to call her."

"Walking And Talking" as Andrew

"If you want to talk to him, go talk to him. I'm not going to play into this. He's an asshole, he should have called you."

"More porno?"
"You know, its an adiction, okay? Do you understand the word adiction? I don't feel good about it."-Andrew
"Andrew I don't think its hurting anyone, okay?"
"You don't?"-Andrew
"I mean I know that. Its nice of you to say. Your sweet. Infact your too sweet for him. Lets go."-Andrew
"Okay, but since you have your arm around me. I don't see why we can't walk in for one second."
"Forget it, forget it."-Andrew
"Andrew wait."
"No I put my arm around you cause I felt like it. Not to make some some putz who doesn't even have the nerve to call you jealous."-Andrew

"Lets star sixtynine him. Oh boy you got a rotery phone."

"As she was leaving I said I'll call you."-Andrew
"Oh my God."
"I am such an asshole. I'm gonna write her a letter. I feel really bad."-Andrew

"I asked for these? They don't fit! I'm getting fat. When did you buy these? If they fit back then they should fit now! You like? Very very much or no. I think so."

"I've sworn off porno and I'm going crazy."

"Phantoms" as Stu

"Oh, you got some guns. Ladies, you wouldn't shoot an unarmed man would ya?"
[guns load]
"Well that's a dumb question."

"Manage responce? Sorry I don't have my book on me, is that an FBI term?"-Stu
"What's your problem Stu?"-Bryce
"Nothing just trying to learn to be a better cop."-Stu

"You know what that doctor sure is cute."

"I like the little sister though..."

"Easy cheif, easy....I got witnesses..so why don't you just calm down. Oww....so sheriff is that what you ment when you said management responce?"

"I wouldnt worry about it. Whatever it was...its not coming back in here."-Stu
"Oh, what makes you say that?"-Bryce
"Well, for one thing, we just shot it about 30 times, sheriff."-Stu
"Doesnt mean its dead."-Bryce

"What are you doing Stu?"-Bryce
"I was just....I was just..."-Stu
"Looking for clues?"-Bryce

"Ouch! Wanna see something? Limbo! How low can you go?"

"You...are so fucking cute!"

"What did you do to me!?!"

"So...you wanna tell me what happened here?" [talking to a dead body]

Liev Interview Quotes

"I think everybody thinks they are a little weird, but some people are allowed to explore it in their work. Other people have to repress it more because of what they do, but I think everybody has that place where they think: 'God, I am such a geek.' There's a subconscious self that feels completely isolated and completely megalomaniacal and doesn't relate to the world at all, but is constantly trying, on an everyday level, to be social. I think if you can appeal to that part of a person, it's the greatest thing in the world."