Liev Sounds

"Sphere" as Ted

"We're not alone. We are defiantly not alone."

"We come in peace. Ha! I've always wanted to say that."

"Im sorry, are these parameters correct?"-Ted
"So your saying you have a fuselage from a spacecraft, over a half a mile long, that crashed into the ocean 300 years ago, and its completely intact?"-Ted
"Thats right."-Barnes

"That image you told me you saw on the monitor, from what you described, that sounds exactly like a black hole. A tear in the space...."-Ted
"We know what a black hole is, Ted!"-Harry
"Well, i dont know what a black hole is."-Norman
"A black hole is a collapsed dead star, that has to much gravity, it acts like a huge vacume cleaner. Sucking everything into it. Light, intestailic dust, time.."-Harry
"Its possible, but not probable."-Harry
"Its more than probable, its a rootamentary of atstrophysics! We just havent been able to fly into one and prove it!"-Ted

"Its Harry."-Ted
"What? He's awake?"-Norman
"He's really awake."-Ted
"Ooh! Man, oh man! Barnes, your gunna have a real problem with me. As long as my good buddy, Norman, keeps cookin like this, i aint goin no where! This toast is good, bacon, better, but these eggs, oh! These eggs are fantastic! Norman, what'd you put in these eggs?"-Harry
"No, no no no wait! Dont tell me! We got, um, we got, parsley, chives, paragon, is that? Chercile? Is that chericle?"-Harry
"Yes it is. Im glad you like it, Harry."-Ted
"Mmm..i love eggs!"-Harry

[high pitched voices]
"Oxygen is corrosive gas. In the same family as flourine and chlorine. Hydrochloric acid, hydrofloric acid. Essentially, thats why we're breathing helium down here. Because oxygen at any level higher than 2.3 becomes toxic."-Ted
"Can you run that by me again, Ted? Cuz i dont speak Balloon."-Norman
[Beth giggles]
"What? Oh, thats my voice. You see, the helium resonates differently with my vocal cords."-Ted
"Follow the yellow brick road."-Harry

"Scream 2" as Cotton Weary

"Geez, Gale, you got more lives than a cat!"

"Wow...that...was intense."